Why We Do This

In the greater scheme of life, computers are meaningless.

I worked in large data centers, built large fiber networks, managed hundreds of computers, networks and the many routers, switches and firewalls that made them run for over 25 years and I have come to realize none of these things matter. What has meaning is people—their lives, their happiness, their passions. I’m not a doctor; I can’t save lives. I’m not a farmer; I can’t feed the masses. But in my work, I can touch hundreds of people and make their days more peaceful and enjoyable and help them make their difference in the world. I am an engineer, and I empower people to strive for their passions by making their technology run in top shape.

Our Mission

This is why I started GigCity Networks. our mission is to create a better world by helping our clients be more successful. We empower their employees with reliable computer systems so they can work easily and efficiently, and we guide leadership teams in using technology to achieve their goals.

What We Value

The core values we hold most dearly are Integrity, Empathy and Respect.

  • integrity lends itself to greater coherence between what we say, think, and do and leads to trust among ourselves and with our clients.
  • When we have trust among our team and clients, we acknowledge that everyone has natural talents and frustrations. We respect the gifts of others and value what they offer, just as we empathize with their difficulties and respect their situations, knowing they also feel ours.

Join Us

I am Boggan Bates, founder and President of GigCity Networks. This is my belief in how to run a company today, and I am working to build a team and client base in alignment with this this mission and these values. I hope you will join me.

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